Why you’ll be attracted to slots

attracted to slots

You’ve probably come across them many times in different places. The bright and alluring slot machines are made for entertainment, but they also reveal something about the trends of the times. The slot machines are inspired by popular culture and what’s trending in movies and TV, for example.

“We try to find themes that people can relate to. We try to look at what’s trending. We have an idea group that comes up with the games. For example, we have successfully run a lot of historical themes,” says games expert Kenneth Knudsen from Spillehallen.dk – the Danish company that over the past 45 years has developed and produced virtually all the slot machines you know from the arcades and pubs in Denmark.

What matters most to the success of a game is how entertaining it is. A lot has happened with slot machines since the classic one-armed bandits, where the aim was to get three identical pieces of fruit. While those games were all about luck, technological developments have made more sophisticated games possible, where the chances of winning also depend on your ability as a player and the choices you make during the game.

There is a lot of strategy in it. It’s a far cry from the fruit machines of old. Part of making a game today is making entertainment. Our most successful games are the ones where all things play well together. When the story, the design and the sound all work together to create the most entertaining story for the player,” says the gaming expert.

Room for experienced and novice players alike

novice players alike

If you think it sounds exciting and dream of that good win, but are hesitant to plunge into the vast world of slot machines, fear not. The slots come in a variety of difficulty levels, so there’s something for every taste, ability and budget.

“There is a big difference between the games. We make games for beginners that aren’t that advanced and have a simple story, so they’re easy to get into. Our experienced and seasoned players often require more advanced games in terms of story and gameplay,” says Kenneth Knudsen.

We have games as low as 25 øre per print. That’s a lot of money for 100 kroner. It’s a lot of entertainment for the money.”

The Internet offers a wealth of opportunities to be entertained by games while trying to win the big prize. However, there is a difference between Danish and foreign slot machines.

“What makes our machines special is that we build a certain number. For example, 200 of each machine for our website. Then when you start it, you have the option to reserve it. You can rarely do that anywhere else. This means that when you leave one of our machines, another player cannot come along and benefit from your savings on the machine,” he explains.

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