The 5 most popular online slots

most popular online slots

1. Starburst

A classic slot machine, Starburst is arguably the most popular slot machine on the market, and you’ll find it at 90% of online casinos in Denmark. This popularity is of course not without reason. We are dealing with an incredibly entertaining, fun and not least win rich machine, where you have great chances to get far with a few crowns.

Starburst is filled with great colors a beautiful design, and not least some sound effects you never get tired of. It is in all its simplicity to try to hit 3, 4 or 5 identical symbols from left to right, and the more you get, the bigger your winnings of course. When the game is running it is possible to get 1,2 or 3 stars which count for wild cards. For example, if you hit 2 x bar from the left, and then simultaneously get a star in the middle, then you have 3 bar, and thus get a win. After you get the first star, the subsequent tap will continue with the star you just hit, and the more stars you hit, the bigger your final win.

The machine is known in online circles for giving a lot of wins. Of course, they are not just big wins every time, but many streams of small ones. Starburst also does not require you to have several thousand crowns in your gaming account, as you can easily have many fun hours on the machine, just by having a few hundred crowns standing. It can be played for bets as low as 2 cents per tap.

2. Tivoli Bonanza

Tivoli Bonanza

One of Denmark’s most popular machines can be found at Tivoli Casino, where their own Tivoli Bonanza machine is ready to give you a unique experience. From the first spin on this machine, you will feel the real casino atmosphere, while the big jackpot is lurking around the corner. Just as the title suggests, Tivoli Casino created the machine, which means that it is completely unique and can only be played at Tivoli Casino.

The machine is truly an experience in itself, which is also expressed with the flashing Tivoli lights, which help to bring to mind a lovely summer evening in Tivoli. Of course, Tivoli Bonanza also has 4 progressive jackpots, where there is always a chance for a huge win. The fact that the machine has progressive jackpots means that every time a spin is made on the machine, the jackpot will automatically increase. The jackpot will keep increasing until it is taken. To win this huge jackpot, you need to hit 5 Tivoli symbols on a single line. Last but not least, we should mention that the payout percentage of the slot is a whopping 93.05%.

3. Gonzo´s Quest

The Gonzo´s Quest slot is built around 5 reels, 3 rows and a total of 20 lines. It is possible to hit the so-called free falls on the machine, which is also better known as free spins. Try to hit the many wild symbols on reels 2, 3 and 4 to get extra games in the game itself. There are 5 different levels to choose from when it comes to the coin value (bet per spin). All wins will be paid from left to right.

Playing this machine does not require a large bank balance, as you can play for as little as 10 cents per tap. If one of the really big wins is to be won, it should be in the free falls game, where big wins are particularly hidden. The machine can also be played on all casino sites that use NetEnt as their game provider.

4. Danish Flip

Danish Flip

At Maria Casino, they have a whole new slot machine, which has been named Danish Flip. It’s a slot machine that really caters to the Danish rooligan, as you’ll meet both flap hats, Danish flags, hot dogs, sausage wagons, draft beer and other familiar symbols. It is Maria Casino itself who has developed the machine, and it is available only on their site.

Anyone can enjoy the machine, as it can be played with bets down to 10 cents per spin. There are a total of 5 reels, along with 20 different paylines. If 3 dynamite sticks are hit in a single spin, it triggers the bonus game, where 15 free rounds await. It is exactly in this bonus game that the really big win is waiting.

5. Guns N´Roses

The Guns N´Roses slot machine was developed by gaming giant NetEnt, which is always your guarantee of entertainment and quality. As the name of the slot also indicates, the slot is inspired by the legendary band Guns N´Roses. This also means that the machine is filled with the best tracks from Guns N´Roses, which in itself makes it a special experience.

When playing the slot, you have to hunt for record contracts, wild symbols, roses, guitar and the like. The machine consists of a total of 5 reels, where there are simultaneously 3 rows with 20 winning lines. As an extra small detail of the game, you choose which songs to play in the game. Last but not least, the bets range from 0,2€ up to 200€ per spin, giving all players the chance to play this well-made and fantastic slot machine.

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